Microscopy Facility Phase 3 Reopening Instructions

June 12, 2020

Hi All,

For Bio2 the phase 3 reopening starts on June 20th. The Microscopy Facility is opening at the same time for those approved to do research during phase 3. See below for the four documents detailing the microscopy facility usage protocol and the Bio2 specific entry rules. To have approval to use the facility you need to email me and acknowledge that you have read through the documents and understand all the instructions. Please ask me to clarify any questions you have.

Starting on Monday June 22nd, I'll be back in the office during my normal hours. Feel free to come ask for help like normal, and we'll do our best to maintain as much physical distancing as possible.

The keying has been changed slightly for the facility doors. The confocal room (5157) now uses the same key as the main microscopy facility room (5173), so those that only have a key for 5157 will need a new key to access that room when working outside my office hours. Also the doors should not be propped open anymore. Leave the doors closed while working to reduce the chance of exposure to someone passing through the hallway.

Since there is only one person per room at a time allowed, the Hercules analysis computers will continue to be remote access only.

Ben Lopez

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