Learn at Lunch: Improving fluorescence microscopy outcomes from LED Light Engines with thin-film interference filters

January 12, 2015

Monday, Jan 12th 12pm
Bio II, Room 4164 Clarke Carbon NRI/Stem Cell Center Conference Room

Lunch will be provided by Semrock


LED-based light engines are continuing to gain in popularity for fluorescence imaging. However, the full potential of LED light engines remains to be realized in most imaging configurations because they are still being used with conventional filter sets designed for mercury or xenon arc lamps. These legacy broadband light sources have a significantly different spectral signature and energy distribution compared to the newer LED sources. Therefore conventional filter sets may not provide optimal performance with the new LED sources. During this Lunch & Learn we will discuss an easy means of optimizing the performance of imaging systems, through the use of thin-film interference filters. In addition, we will explain how a fluorescence analysis software tool (http://searchlight.semrock.com/) can provide accurate, quantitative spectral evaluation of fluorescence measurement systems in one easy-to-use web-based environment.

Prashant Prabhat, Ph.D.
Applications Scientist
Semrock, Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corporation
3625 Buffalo Road, Suite 6
Rochester, NY 14624
Direct:  (585) 594-7064