Spectral Confocal

Olympus Fluoview 1000 Spectral Confocal


Thanks to NIH and the thirteen NIH funded researchers who supported the instrument application! Anthony De Tomaso , Kenneth Kosik , Jamey Marth, William Smith, Benjamin Reese, Joel Rothman, Erkki Ruoslahti, Patrick Daugherty, Stuart Feinstein, Tod Kippin, Jacob Israelachvili, Cyrus Safinya and Thomas Weimbs.

This system is an inverted Olympus IX81 confocal microscope equipped with 6 laser lines for excitation, spectral detectors and environmental control. 

System details:

  • 4 confocal PMT Detectors (photomultiplier tubes) 
    • 2 detectors had with Spectral Detectors with 100nm max bandwidth and 2nm resolution
    • 2 conventional filter detectors
  • A transmitted light detector
  • 6 laser lines for excitation
    • 405nm 50mW diode
    • 440nm 25mW diode
    • 488nm 10mW Argon gas
    • 515nm 10mW Argon gas
    • 559nm 12mW pumped diode
    • 635nm 20mW diode
  • 6 objectives standard in the turret
    • 10X and 20X air
    • 40X and 60X high refractive index oil
    • 30X and 60X silicon oil for imaging aqueous specimens
  • Fluorescence cubes for visualization (not used for imaging)
    • DAPI Like - Narrow UV EX360-370, DM400, EM420-460 U-MNIBA3(F)
    • CFP like -WIDE BV CUBE, EX400-440,DM455, EM475(U-MWBV2(F))
    • GFP/FITC like- NARROW IF BLUE CUBE, EX470-490, DM505,EM510-50 BAND (U-MNIBA3(F))
    • RFP/TRITC like-WIDE IF GREEN CUBE,EX520-550,DM565, EM580IF(U-MWIG3(F))
  • DIC–Differential Interference Contrast using transmitted light
  • DIC 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x prisms and U-DICTS slider
  • Prior Scanning Stage
  • Enclosure WeatherStation Temp, CO2 and Prior Stage Compatible with Cooling Module